Elearning Video Creation Agency in Australia

Enjoy watching videos? Let’s use them for learning.

Video as a form of learning has definitely upped the scales for learners. Watching videos is fairly more interesting than reading a few lines of words. For learners who prefer videos over written reference materials, we at Stylus an e learning video creation agency create and develop attractive and interesting videos. Watching videos is one aspect, however, trying to imitate the video or trying to recall the steps based on the video benefits learners greatly. By developing interactive videos, we create a virtual environment for participants to practice before they attempt the procedure in a real environment.

From developing K12 educational videos to corporate training videos, Stylus, an e learning video creation agency is backed by an efficient team with the right tools, ideas and a creative streak to create e-learning content development videos for each sector. Visual learning is the most preferred way of learning everywhere, as visual information is retained quickly.

We at Stylus, understand your content and create interesting and engaging storyboards. These storyboards are then brought to life by our design and development team who transform them into videos with cohesive content. When we create these videos, we aim to convey the entire message in the shortest span of time possible. In doing so, we also make it look attractive along with engaging themes and interesting layouts. Our graphics team, animators and designers don’t shy away from suggesting the latest trends to be incorporated.

Known as an e learning video creation agency, we also create videos for the education as well as the corporate sector.


Children love videos that include colours, music, and fast-moving screens. When creating videos for the education sector, our team considers the age group based on which the colour palette, themes and layouts are selected. Our videos are learner-driven and explain the given topic easily. These add great value to the schooling experience and encourage children to study individually at home.


We, at Stylus create videos for organisations that wish to upskill their employees. Adult learners also enjoy watching videos when a complex concept needs to be broken down. Also, case studies and scenarios are best visualized through videos, which help the learners relate to the information. In addition, we also create quick marketing videos for corporates to highlight their key strengths, products and services. Our instructional designers are adept at creating different kinds of videos to convey the content.

    Our instructional designers are adept at creating different kinds of videos to convey the conten

  • Motion graphic videos:These videos are cost-effective and convey your content using text, images, charts, illustrations, sound, voice-over and smooth transitions.
  • Screen Capture videos: These videos are usually used to show a procedure performed on the screen. They capture what is being performed on the screen to enable step-by-step learning.
  • Whiteboard videos: Step back to the old-school technique of drawing on boards but through videos. Quick illustrations and sketches are drawn on the screen to tell a story or convey a message. Whiteboard videos are a great source to break down complex topics and explain them with simple drawings that can be easier to understand and retain.
  • Basic Animation videos: These use characters and illustrations to convey your content in the form of a story. However, only basic animation, such as hand, eye and lip movement is provided.
  • Character Animation videos: These use characters and illustrations to convey your content in the form of a story. Advanced level animation is used to make it look similar to an animated movie.
  • Explainer Videos:These are mainly used for marketing and sales to explain a product or service. These videos usually highlight the important features of a product or software and encourage.