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For learning development, learner guides are lifesavers for students. Students can grasp faster while working with a learner’s guide. These have proven to be effective both for teachers as well as learners. While a learner guide provides faculties with the content to be taught in class, it is also a great reference point for learners who revise and recollect the information at a later point in time. A learner’s guide is also commonly known as a participant guide or a student guide.

Learner guides can be provided to the students as hard copies at the start of the academic year. Additionally, they can also be shared as PDFs through the Learning Management Systems (LMS) to which the students will have access for the entire academic year. A well-drafted learner’s guide is an extremely significant reference point for learners. It is the key reference material that equips learners regarding the course at hand. A detailed and informative learner’s guide is the main ingredient for a successful Instructor-Led Training (ILT) program. All other supporting training materials, such as teacher guides, presentations, workbooks, videos, etc. reference and recall the content covered in the learner guide.

While it is important to include all the appropriate information in the guide, it is also important to break the monotony by using interesting elements, such as Brainteasers, Did you know? etc. We also create small assessments before and after each chapter to help participants monitor their progress. In addition, we include checkpoints after every few topics to help the learners self-assess their knowledge.

Our learner guides list the objectives of the course and focus on the content and concepts that are broken down so that they become learner-friendly. Our writers thoroughly research the topics and consult with SMEs to cover the most relevant and up-to-date information. Being a learning development organisation, we ensure that the information included in our guides is unique not only in content but also in the pedagogy used for developing the guides. While engaging learners through questions and activities, our guides also ensure a good retention rate through assessments and quizzes. We also try to create curiosity among learners and encourage them to further research for more details.

The general framework of our learner’s guide includes:

Learning Development

As part of learning development, Stylus Solutions offers a wide range of learning options for learners through the guides in the form of text, images, graphs, tables, activities, discussions, role play, case studies, assessments, projects, teamwork, etc. Our talented team of content writers and instructional designers design these guides keeping in mind the quantum of content to be covered and the time available for learning. They work in tandem with our subject matter experts to offer clients the required customisation. The subject matter experts help us with reviewing the accuracy and authenticity of the content.

Once the required approval from the SMEs has been received, our editors review these guides for grammatical and language checks. We break down the lessons, filling the gaps with activities and games to avoid putting too much pressure on the learners. We also make it a point to inspire learners to work in teams or groups, to help them improve their communication and co-operation skills. Finally, to make the guide more interesting and attractive, our graphic designers work very closely with our writers to try and represent the content in the most fun and attractive way possible. To develop effective learner guides across various subjects, connect with us now.