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Video-based learning is the most recent and popular method of learning. Instructors and trainers are now upgrading their teaching methods by including videos as a part of teaching materials. Many e-learning course development companies like Stylus are providing video development services that can help learners gain a satisfying learning experience. Stylus Solutions provides best online course development as part of courseware that can enhance a student’s overall learning experience.

We focus on the following factors while developing online videos:

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At Stylus, we provide best online course development with informative content, effective audio, and enticing visuals for learners to gain complete advantage of online learning. Among other online course development companies, our video development services extend from K-12 to higher education courses depending on the requirements of the clients. Our videos include features, such as character-based animation and motion graphics, depending on the preferences of the client as well as the subject matter.

Stylus understands that needs differ for each grade, and the videos are developed using various methods. Learners in lower grades prefer videos that are short, vibrant, and include numerous graphics and colours. On the contrary, higher grades do enjoy illustrations and colours, but they demand videos explaining complex concepts rather than only appreciating visual representations.

The length of the video is also highly prioritised by our team; we focus on keeping the videos shorter without compromising on content. Shorter videos are often preferred and viewed more by learners, but we definitely customise longer and more detailed videos, if required. Our team of graphic designers, animators and integrators are open to feedback and don’t shy away from providing proactive suggestions.

We develop various types of videos based on the needs of our clients. They include motion graphics, character animation, basic animation and simulation videos.

Motion graphic videos

These are videos that include a combination of audio, text and images that are woven together through interesting animation. Depending on the amount of content, effective visualization is the key in this type of video. Organisations usually opt for motion graphic videos when multiple videos are required to be developed within a limited time frame and budget.

Basic animation videos

In this type of video, there are characters who perform basic movements, such as moving the head, eye, hands and lips. These are commonly seen in nursery rhymes and stories that need a character or two. This form of video is cost-effective as the movements are restricted, however, the character portraying these movements is definitely interesting.

Character animation

Similar to basic animation, these videos include customized characters and the movements are a little more complex. The movements can include standing, sitting, walking, running, etc. As this form focuses on all the tiny details and the finished product looks engaging, it requires a flexible timeline and a budget alike. This form is commonly seen in the entertainment industry and also in marketing advertisements.

Simulation videos

Simulation videos allow you to perform a procedure in a virtual environment as opposed to a real environment. It is commonly used to explain step-by-step procedures or tasks that require critical and complex decision-making, such as surgery. Participants can benefit from these simulation videos as they can do and re-do the steps until they perfect them. The virtual environment created in simulation videos is an imitation of the real environment.

Being an online course development consultancy, Stylus has effective solutions for all your online course development needs.