Assessment and activities play an important role in training development. These help to boost the learning culture and encourage motivational learning. Based on the course content, we at Stylus, create various types of assessments, as a tool to understand whether there are any knowledge gaps. The way in which the learners respond to the assessments determines their strengths and areas of growth. Learning development assessments can also be distributed to the learners before starting a session to assess their knowledge about the subject before the class.

We create objective and subjective assessments according to the requirements of the syllabus. Objective questions are best suited to be included after every concept to help learners brush up their skills and subjective questions appear after each chapter as a metric to gauge a learner’s grasping power. Our activities and assessments sections start with a clear set of instructions. They include objective and subjective questions and activities.

Our objective questions include:

elearning content development

On the other hand, subjective questions can be more challenging because here the learners have to provide their own perspectives. Subjective questions include:

  • Composition
  • Short answers
  • Short answers
  • Scenario based questions
  • Case study analysis, etc.

We at Stylus, believe in developing assessments and activities that will help learners exhibit their abilities and give them an opportunity to apply their skills. To make a class more interactive and a concept interesting, we suggest certain activities that can be performed in a classroom or online setting. Whether it is for a group or for individuals, activities can be an effective means to explain a complex concept. By suggesting activities in e-learning content development, we aim to make the learners more confident about sharing their opinions in class through group discussions or making a PowerPoint presentation. Our assessment and activity sheets are created to increase engagement and are often customised basis the requirement of our clients as well as the learners.