Now standardize the teaching methodology!

As part of our training development, our teacher’s guides at Stylus, help the teachers or facilitators keep track of the progress of each topic, unit or module. Whether it is a subject teacher or a substitute teacher, the methodology in which the training needs to be delivered to the learners shouldn’t change. Our teacher’s guides provide the best teaching pedagogy for each topic along with suggestions on how to keep the learners engaged and curious.

Teacher’s guides suggest a direction for each module, unit or the entire course at hand. It is necessary that the training materials are detailed and well-structured for the teachers to take the proper steps and allow the students the required space and time to grow.

The teacher’s guides included in learning development that we customise at Stylus Solutions are inclusive of all the intriguing activities that make learners think, which aids their developmental skills. Based on the research that we conduct; we make sure to include crucial links and resources that can help the teachers as well as the students for future reference.

Our teacher’s guides are structured with the addition of the following fundamentals: