Overwhelmed with too much content? Maybe it’s time to implement microlearning.

Microlearning is a trending technique followed by e-learning course development companies that uses smaller bites of information to educate and engage an audience. With the human attention span decreasing rapidly, new learning methods are being introduced to get the message across to the learners. Microlearning is one such method where you can learn without feeling overwhelmed with too much content.

You can include microlearning courses in your training development or learning development programs to work more efficiently, thus avoiding long, expensive sessions that the learners tend to forget.

We at Stylus, provide microlearning through different forms of content including but not restricted to:

We offer different forms of microlearning content to keep the learner interested and prevent monotony from sinking in. Microlearning has also gained importance as it allows the learner to quickly complete a topic on their smartphones while travelling, thus allowing them to use their travel time effectively in a busy schedule.