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PowerPoint presentations boost the learning process and are quick to develop. PowerPoint presentations have been prominent in the education industry for a long time.

Presentations are so much more effective due to their attractive layouts, colourful themes and many other interesting features. Presentations are known to attract the attention of learners due to their vibrancy and versatility. It is a tool that helps to standardize the curriculum and the pedagogy so that the learners as well as the facilitators are all on the same page.

Presentations are among the most popular sources of providing information to a large group within a limited amount of time. PowerPoint presentations created by a learning and development consultancy enhance a unit or a course’s content using audio-visual aids. The audio or music chosen for a subject is as important as the content itself. If voice-over is added instead of music, then the artist should be auditioned to check his or her language, accent or dialect as that is the key to delivering a successful presentation. They may lose interest if they fail to understand the content. Language, accent or dialect should not be a hindrance to the participants.

We create PowerPoint presentations keeping in mind the interest and attention span of the learners. As a learning and development consultancy, we use different layouts, animations, images, flow charts, infographics, and graphs as we aim to garner the attention of the learners. We choose to keep the slides fun, interactive and light without the use of too many words. Introducing visual representations in sync with traditional learning helps the facilitator or instructor hold the attention of the learners. Our graphics team, animators and designers are always looking for newer features to make each presentation unique.

We create separate presentations for facilitators and learners. The presentation for instructors contains a notes section for their benefit and as a means to standardize the pedagogy. In each presentation, a notes section is featured in which we provide some aid for the facilitator or instructor to talk about while explaining each slide. This is done as a means to provide support to the facilitator regarding the topic at hand, apart from what they have already planned to cover. This section features pointers, examples, and analogies, and also mentions a few activities, such as debates, role play, research and group discussions that can be conducted while introducing the content related to each slide. The notes section is also included so that if a substitute facilitator has been assigned, he or she is aware of what is supposed to be discussed in class.

For learners, a separate presentation is created. This is usually developed by our instructional designers who create each slide keeping in mind the target audience while ensuring that the entire curriculum is covered. At Stylus, we develop presentations that include minimal text, images, graphs, statistics and other short bursts of information. All of this is done to ensure that the learners find the presentations engaging and attractive enough to pay attention.

We create PowerPoint presentations that are:

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While it is important to cover the subject at hand in the presentation, it is also important that the same information available in the learner guide is not duplicated as is. We at Stylus understand this and present the content in different and interactive ways. This also provides different learning options for the same piece of content. For example, some may prefer reading detailed text available in the learner guide while others may prefer a visual representation of the same information in the form of a presentation. Thus, all the deliverables together create an effective learning experience for all types of learners. Connect with us a learning and development consultancy to create your unique training package today.