A sense of direction for systematic delivery.

Lesson plans are an efficient means of bifurcating the subject syllabus and creating a timeline to complete the curriculum within the stipulated timeframe. It's not easy to predict the outcome of every class, but lesson plans can aid a great deal. At Stylus, we create lesson plans in learning development that ensure every second spent in the class involves meaningful discussions and activities that help break down complex concepts.

We believe that an efficient lesson plan should include the following elements:

  • Objectives of each session
  • Additional lesson supplies
  • Subjects and lessons to be taught each day of the year
  • The important points to be covered
  • Assessment techniques
  • Lesson discussions

Our team of professional writers, teachers and SMEs develop lesson plans as part of e-learning content development that help teachers keep track of what topics are covered and what should be discussed in the next class. Our lesson plans also include a tentative duration that should be dedicated to reflecting on the points and concepts discussed in the previous session.