A walk-through for teachers!

A teacher's guide in e-learning content development is a tool designed to motivate facilitators and enhance their day-to-day teaching experiences. Stylus Solutions creates these guides to standardise the teaching process irrespective of the teacher or facilitator present in class. These guides can work as a basis for a substitute teacher to pick up where the previous teacher left off. It is a means to make teaching a continuous process for the students who don’t lose out on the syllabus or curriculum if there is a change in the teaching staff. As part of our learning development, we include the following elements in our teacher's guides:

  • Introduction to the content
  • Tips to increase student engagement
  • Additional references
  • Techniques to enhance the quality of training
  • Classroom administration
  • Solution sheet

Our SMEs work together with our content team to help create appropriate and updated content and provide the best pedagogy for each subject. The teacher's guide acts as an excellent base for the instructors as a means to assist them in developing a stress-free learning environment.

We aim to create teacher guides that can help teachers to be innovative with their lessons. It certainly depends on a facilitator’s creativity of how to incorporate the suggested ideas in the guide to make the class interactive.