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      deliver the ‘write’ solutions to you!

      e learning content development
    • E-learning takes 40% to 60% lesser
      time then conventional learning.

    • Each child learns differently!

      elearning content development
    • Question, create eagerness,
      get them involved, and then
      start the training.

Elearning Content Development Company in Australia

Begin the ‘write’ journey with us...

For any industry, appropriate content is the most important ingredient in a larger setting. Whether it is e learning content development, courseware development, content development, proofreading and editing or graphic designing services, Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. caters to all your content needs. We offer an array of writing services which range from e learning content development to educational courseware development and corporate training material development. While our writers ensure to deliver crisp and cohesive content that is original and up-to-date, our designers and developers ensure that the content is presented in the most user-friendly and graphical manner, making it easy to visualize and grasp.

The demand for content is perennial in all sectors, be it business or education. However, the way in which the content is delivered in each sector is what impacts the audience the most. We create content keeping in mind the need of the target audience. Whether your project needs fancy vocabulary or formally written content, Stylus is the one-stop solution for all your content needs.

At Stylus, we cater to clients globally across the US, UK, Australia, Dubai and India. While we offer best e learning content development services in Australia, we ensure to implement globally accepted standards, such as the Blooms Taxonomy and MSTP. Our team of experts pay close attention to grammar, spelling and flow of the content. We assure to provide plagiarism-free content and focus on increasing readability among your target audience, both national and international.

Our team includes writers, editors, proofreaders, reviewers, instructional designers, graphics designers, integrators and animators. Our extended team includes voice artists (across different languages) and translators. We create e-learning modules, online course development videos, K-12 content development, ICT content development, and training manuals development. Stylus also caters to blended learning and microlearning requirements, independently as well as a part of a larger e-learning module.

To ensure technical accuracy, our writers seek guidance from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who guide them to stick to the lesson objective while they create content for each chapter. Due to the numerous projects that we have worked on, we abide by a tried-and-tested methodology that assists us with the completion of projects on time while providing quality. While doing so, we also focus on providing a positive experience to our clients through open and clear lines of communication, well-planned delivery dates and quick feedback implementation.

We pride ourselves in providing customizable online courses or modules for each of our clients so that each one is unique. Each of our projects is developed independently and our pieces of content are known to be unique and free of plagiarism. Before we send the file to our clients, it goes through multiple rounds of editing and review.

Our Journey

Since our inception in 2009, we have been providing best e learning content development and documentation services to numerous clients across the globe. We have developed more than 250 school books from kindergarten to grade 10 for many publication houses including teacher’s guides, lesson plans, workbooks, activity sheets, videos and presentations. Under our belt, we have also developed more than 350 hours of e-learning content across multiple domains for corporates and more than 1000 hours of training material including learner guides, facilitator guides and presentations.

While we started as only a content writing company, based on client requests, we further extended our team to include graphic designers and pagination personnel in 2014. This enabled us to deliver print-ready books to our delighted clients. Eventually, by 2015 we had our clients asking for even more – e-learning and videos. Stylus didn’t shy away from including e-learning developers and integrators into their already existing team of content writers, editors and instructional designers.

What sets us apart?

  • All content requirements under one umbrella
  • 100% original content
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality output
  • Proactive suggestions
  • Clear and transparent communication

Our team also delights in providing proactive suggestions to deliver beyond client expectations.

Awards and Recognition