The logo contains the name of the company and also defines the kind of work it does. In the word ‘Stylus’, the letter ‘u’ is represented by an element that also represents the nib of a fountain pen and an open book. The nib and book define the writing work done by the company. The first and last letters of ‘Stylus’ are reflections of each other, making it look complete, like an opening and closing bracket.

The green colour of the nib signifies growth and prosperity for the organisation and also its clients, through spread of knowledge (writing). Green also signifies progress (like give a green signal), which is what the organisation believes in – for itself and its clients. The small addition of red colour represents leadership spirit and also brings good luck (most brides wear red on their wedding). Most importantly, red represents strong positive energy – one that creates new life. Stylus aims at bringing new lives into people through education and spread of knowledge. The colour black represents power – power of the team and resources who form the backbone towards delivering the best to its clients.