We at Stylus believe that it is perfectly OK to write crap, as long as you can find someone to edit it brilliantly.

Content is vital. But the truth is, the way a paper looks, influences the way readers judge it. When you've worked hard to create and introduce your thoughts, you don't need careless blunders diverting your reader away from what you need to say.

Compelling editing and proofreading require that you review your writing cautiously, act more like a reader than a writer and use tactics that help you slow down and analyse your writing.

While there are multiple content writers in India, proofreading and editing their work can be a tedious activity.

At Stylus, we offer both proofreading and editing services, and yes, these are two very different words! In short, proofreading is the final approval before submission, while editing is helpful during work-in-advancement. In both cases, our services are intended to draw out the absolute best in your written work.

Our Offerings:

  • Students and Academics: Dissertations, term papers, courseware books, journal articles, essays and theses
  • Authors: Books, manuscripts, screenplays and short stories
  • Businesses: Brochures, promotional materials, manuals, memos and white papers

Our reputation is built on detail-oriented work that is precise and accurate and we know that our clients expect nothing less.