Want to add movement and action to static images and give life to your work?

Animations present a world of fantasy and magic. Team Stylus’ talented animators create characters, storyboards and backgrounds in two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments. Our professional animators understand the intricate relationship between artwork and technology and deliver end results based on specific requirements.

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Our Offerings:

  • Develop storyboards
  • Design characters
  • Arrange characters and items in a scene
  • Use computers to create graphics, motion and animation
  • Create moving images using computer software
  • Edit animations based on feedback from a superior or client
  • Add details to images like creating 3D moving images using computer software
  • Create long and short animation movies and skits for advertisements
  • Create website animations
  • Create animation to enhance different products from banners to websites
  • Create animated characters
  • Produce animated advertisements, complete with dubbing

Our tech-savvy staff brainstorm to ensure that the end product is the perfect representation of your imagination without burning a hole in your pocket.