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Childhood days are most precious and the best gift to a child is good education. So, how does a teacher connect with the students? The obvious answer is an easy and well- structured book with an interactive courseware design. However, courseware development in Mumbai is a challenge for most publications.

Team Stylus with its fine K12 course development, not only assists in content development, but also efficiently drafts concise and informative courses to create custom learning material. We at Stylus, build the courseware design keeping in mind the importance of making studies fun and interesting for children. Knowledge can be effectively imparted though reinforcement using different activities and deliverables such as textbooks, activity books, worksheets, nursery rhymes, puzzles and videos. We create courseware that’s lively, up-to- date, comprehensive, attractive, interesting and informative.

For a courseware to be efficient, it is very important to get the building blocks right – have the right content. We have teachers and SMEs who guide our team for content development to ensure that the topics covered are age and audience appropriate.

Our Services Include:

  • At Stylus, we develop well-written, current and relevant courses for schools, colleges and various levels of management.
  • We prepare age and subject appropriate syllabus.
  • We create end-to- end courses that include objectives, recap, summary, notes and tips, interesting puzzles and a variety of questions to check the knowledge.
  • We design well thought-out layouts with engaging titles for instant connect with the learners.
  • To keep the little leaners engaged, we develop courseware in a child-friendly manner with simple language, engrossing images and examples.
  • We couple the information with effective illustrations, multimedia graphics and  cover page designs.
  • Our team of talented designers draw sketches and portraits, and handpick smart images and illustrations to match the content.
  • At Stylus we believe that simply teaching is not enough, so we draft stimulating activities that assesses the knowledge of young minds.
  • Our courseware (textbook) is also packaged with a teacher’s guide, answer booklet, workbook, activity book, presentation and teaching aids.
  • We provide services for K12 course development for all boards and universities.

We aim to create an interesting connection between the learner and the teacher. Packaged with important information, effective examples, interesting images and illustrations, our courseware writing skill encompasses any area of knowledge. Our talented team at Stylus generates the perfect courseware to provide you with effective training and educating solutions that won’t break your budget.

Confidence in our courseware training materials means confidence in your instructors’ ability to effectively and successfully teach in the classroom. At Stylus, we take pride in the quality of our products.