We at Stylus create effective e-learning courses that cover each subject in detail. Stylus is one of the leading e-learning companies in Mumbai that creates professional courses for working professionals and aspiring individuals. Learners can undertake these courses at any time of their choice and also control the pace of learning. Assessment questions help you test the learning curve of the learners.

We create effective e-learning courses with a mix of audio and visual content. While a clear voice makes interaction interesting, information is presented on the screen using minimal yet effective text and images. It has been proved that visual learning is more effective than simply reading text. Our e-learning courses emphasise this fact, making us one of the most sought companies for elearning development in Mumbai.

We understand that you sometimes need a quick personalised e-learning course using technology your employees are familiar with. We, at Stylus, are well-aware of these obligations, the extremely tight deadlines and/or budget restrictions.

Unlike the typical e learning companies in India, we create e-learning courses that meet your business and learning goals –from fully-tailored courses to reusable prototypes. Our courses sound like conversation between people.

Here’s what you can expect from our e-learning courses:
  • Well-defined objectives
  • Effective flow of content and topics
  • Well-designed and visually appealing screens
  • High resolution images and illustrations
  • High-quality voice-overs
  • Meaningful animation and activities
  • Consistency in style and approach
  • User-friendly and interactive interface
  • Easy and intuitional navigation options
E-learning development can be categorised into four levels based on the usage of interactivity in the increasing order of sophistication. These are:
Features Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Graphics Simple Simple Custom Complex
Voice Over X
Animation X Simple Medium Complex
Simulation X X Simple (Show Me) Complex (Show me, Try me)
Interactivity Minimum Medium Complex Complex
Branched Scenarios X X
Assessments Basic Quiz Questions, like True of False and FIB. 2-3 Knowledge checks. Simple Exercises like Match the columns, Drag and Drop, etc. Scenario Based Cases All the elements of 1, 2 and 3 plus Simulation and Game based Learning.

Never write anything you can't communicate visually.

E-learning is all about how you deliver and present information. We at Stylus understand that learners need quality e-learning material; after all, more is not always better.