Assessment is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence that help the instructors and learners evaluate how well the learners are learning, what they need to revise and how ready they are to learn more. We, at Stylus, offer academic editing services, in addition to writing, to prepare competitive assessment questions.

Team Stylus has an assemblage of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who specialise in drafting assessment questionnaires in varied domains.

Assessment questions form an important part of education, be it schools and colleges or online learning courses. Thus, more and more e-learning companies in Mumbai and educational institutions are looking at partners to develop a variety of assessment questions. An effective question bank is important for effective ratings.

Our Services Include:

  • Multiple Choice Single Select (MCSS)
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Select (MCMS)
  • Fill in the Blanks (FIB)
  • Match the Columns (MTC)
  • True or False (T/F)
  • Odd One Out
  • Scenario Based Questions
  • Hotspots
  • And more…

Effective assessment is not only a pedagogical tool but it also provides a strong base for further action. At Stylus, we get you on the fast track with skilful assessment tools.